LUCI Charter on Urban Lighting

On the general assembly of the LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International) in Chartres a LUCI Charter has been adopted on the subject “Promoting a culture of sustainability in Lighting”. A refusal is given to the energy waste and light pollution. LUCI members are about 60 cities all around the globe.

Lighting Urban Community InternationalBy establishing a “LUCI Charter on Urban Lighting”, we, the member cities of the LUCI network, would like to hereby affirm our shared conviction that lighting can play a determining role in supporting the sustainable urban development of our cities.

We strongly believe that urban lighting, with its capacity to organize and stimulate urban activities, to enhance cities and their urban spaces and to increase the quality of life of its inhabitants, can indeed contribute positively to building sustainable cities.

A responsible public lighting strategy can assist in meeting the following objectives:

  • Supporting the urban, social and economic development of our cities
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Taking into account the social and environmental impacts linked to the production, exploitation
    and maintenance of lighting installations.

By this charter, we therefore wish to define the issues related to the implementation of sustainable lighting, and the way such lighting can contribute to sustainable development policies in cities worldwide.

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